System Scaffold assembles very quickly and provides versatility to any building configuration. Each vertical has clusters every 20. The horizontal braces have wedges at each end, which are placed into the appropriate cluster. A hammer, the only tool required for complete assembly, is used to set the wedge. As the wedge is set, it pulls against the vertical post, locking it securely to prevent movement.

System Scaffold is the more heavy-duty option, supporting 75 pounds per square foot. It is utilized in industrial settings where versatility is important. With their unique rosettes and wedge construction, a System Scaffold design can incorporate varying distances between legs, for maximum flexibility. The rosette can take 8 connections on the same plane.

System Scaffold is the fastest and most efficient way of erecting scaffolding to suit all types of structures: refineries, industrial buildings, renovations, special events, towers and more. Speed of erection and dismantling is enhanced because it is a modular system, and the absence of loose fittings such as nuts, bolts and clamps.

The system can be suited to any site condition. Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, the system is capable of withstanding dynamic loads comparable to permanent structures and to rival their durability.

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